Biker’s Paradise

The Grand Hotel to host Ramblers 2017 Magic City Bike Show

Submitted Photo The sight of Harley-Davidsons, Nortons and several other notable brands will be on display during the Ramblers 2017 Magic City Bike Show.

World class motorcycles matched with high-caliber vendors will be featured during the Ramblers 2017 Magic City Bike Show, hosted by the Grand Hotel in Minot.

From coast to coast and across the country, motorcycle enthusiasts will make their pilgrimage to the Magic City to display stunning imports and custom classics.

Saturday and Sunday more than 60 motorcycles will be shined to perfection and prepped for judging while 2-3 motorcycles can be raffled off to a lucky winner.

In addition to witnessing the sight of Harley-Davidsons, Nortons and several other notable brands, visitors can find the latest leather apparel and motorcycling accessories.

As raffles are being filled and judging is taking place, opportunities to address motorcycle awareness and raise funds for charity will be available as well.

Proceeds from the bike show will benefit the Salvation Army along with various other charities.

Throughout the 10th edition of the Ramblers Magic City Bike Show, Neil Nathan, a member of the Ramblers Motorcycle Club of Ray, North Dakota, looks forward to families and friends sharing their passion for bikes and the open road.

“The brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie you get from riding motorcycles is amazing,” Nathan said. “The people at this event are mothers, fathers and hardworking folks from different walks of life. People are going to share stories about riding all sorts of motorcycles, enjoying the freedom of being out there and talking about the wind in their hair. This event is all about people coming together and sharing their joy for riding.”

As a member of the Ramblers Motorcycle Club, Nathan expressed pride to see the 10th installment of their highly anticipated bike show.

“It feels really great,” Nathan said. “Over the years, I’ve enjoyed building and riding motorcycles with some very close friends and Ramblers. We really enjoy coming to events like this and it’s good to come together and carry on this bike show.”

For Nathan, putting on an a great show can provide joy to motorcycle fans while celebrating pioneers such as fellow Rambler Jim Rick.

“Jim Rick is a gentleman who used to take care of bringing this bike show to Minot,” Nathan said. “When Jim retired, the motorcycle world felt an absence and we went without this event for a couple of years.”

Today, Nathan alongside members of the Ramblers Motorcycle Club are thrilled to carry on their showstopping tradition.

To learn more about the Ramblers 2017 Magic City Bike Show, contact the Grand Hotel by phone at 1-800-735-4493.